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Exotic PetsPersonally, I consider it is a negative thought to maintain an exotic animal such as a tiger or an alligator as a pet, but some men and women like to do this crazy point anyway. The only typical sense and fair way to address the currently insignificant exotic pet ‘problem’ would be to regulate inherently dangerous species (large cats, bears, ‘large’ monkeys and all great apes) by requiring a permit for the ownership of these animals that would be available to any individual who is equipped, mentally and financially, to care for them.

April six, 2006 Duxbury (15 Mi. E. of Sandstone) MN : Cindi Gamble was mauled by one particular of her tigers at the USDA inspected Center for Endangered Cats (this is an instance of a licensed exotic pet owner that I do not list as a public zoo) that she co owned with Craig Wagner.

It’s not most likely that Alley has expertise in caring for high maintenance exotic pets like her 9 lemurs (it is stated that Alley has kept lemurs for decades” but not stated if it is direct), as such animals would require a life-style that can not be accommodated by the travel-heavy life-style that celebrities indulge in.

Most exotic animals do completely fine, or at times even far better, in climates they haven’t evolved in. There is literally no distinction between keeping a fennec fox in Florida and maintaining a Siberian husky in Florida (the fox will probably be affected much less), but … Read More

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