Trimming Your Pet’s Nails

Bathing or grooming your pet can be a challenging proposition. Some dogs yowl in protest at the word bath, and some cats run for cover when they see a brush or a nail trimmer. Here’s some advice on how to keep the process stress free.

Be Very Careful About Where You Clip

Sometimes, dogs’ nails don’t need to be trimmed because they file down naturally from walking around on concrete. Most of the time, however, dogs’ nails need to be trimmed periodically. This has to be done very carefully because the inside of dogs’ nails, known as the quick, are very sensitive, and cutting too deep can cause your dog serious pain or injury. Even when you’re very careful, accidents can happen easily because your dog may not stay still. Likewise, cats tend to strongly object to a nail trim. Some owners used to have their cat’s permanently declawed, but declawing is considered an inhumane procedure that is illegal in many areas. If you’re going to attempt trimming your pet’s nails yourself, you have to be careful to cut below the part where a nail starts to curve.

Mobile Grooming

If you’re looking for pet nail trimming St. Petersburg, you can have a groomer come to you. Mobile grooming is the most convenient for pet bathing and nail trimming because it spares you from having to go anywhere with your pet. This can save your pet from a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Some pet owners bring their pets to the veterinarian for a nail trim, but certainly, no pets are happy about a trip to the veterinarian. While your local pet store may seem like a good alternative, as this is typically a happy place for most pets to visit, it can also be overstimulating and anxiety-provoking. Moreover, it’s preferable to have somebody who is specially trained in grooming trimming your pet’s nails.