Tips for Keeping Cat and Owner Stress-Free

Among the many benefits of sharing your life with a cat is the positive effect they can have on your life. The sound of a cat purring can help calm an anxious owner. The physical contact between cat and owner can ease loneliness, calm fear and fulfill a yearning for companionship. As a cat owner, one of your main goals should be to provide a stress-free environment for your cat.

Stress at Home

There are many ways to prevent your cat from experiencing stress at home. Cats like routine. Sticking to a feeding schedule, having regular interactive play and grooming time with your cat and respecting its naptime are a few ways to maintain a routine your cat will quickly become familiar with. Typically, cats don’t like a noisy environment and may be uncomfortable around visitors. Placing your cat in a quiet room before the party guest arrive can make your cat more comfortable. Take precautions to make sure your home is cat-safe. An emergency trip to the vet due to possible poisoning from indoor plants or household cleaners is stressful for you and your cat.

Prevent Boredom

Boredom can cause stress. A window seat for your cat can provide entertainment for it while you’re not home. You should also provide a variety of toys and scratching posts for your cat.

Stress at the Vet

You’ll need to find a vet that you’re comfortable with to do regular health checks and vaccinations on your cat. If a serious situation occurs, don’t hesitate to thoroughly discuss details about a treatment, cat anesthesia, a surgical procedure and post-surgery care. Your vet is an ideal resource for general health information such as what type of food is best for your cat, flea protection options and any other issues that concern you.

Cats can enhance your life in ways you never expected. Your desire should be to provide them with the most comfortable, stress-free life possible. They will reward you with snuggles, purrs and amazing compassion at the time you need it most.