Take Care of Birds So Diligently Twitter

Bird who is diligent in singing is certainly very desirable every bird owner. Actually there are 3 factors that can improve the diligent birds that are characters or breeds, care patterns and the environment and also food and drinks. Whereas how to care for birds so that they can actually sing can be done in various ways. The more frequent and varied birds chirping, the price will also be higher so that bird care is very important to do.

What you need is consistency, be more patient, be resilient and also understand well what are the characteristics of pet birds because different types of birds also have different characters. For those of you who want to keep birds or beginners, please refer to this review on how to care for birds so diligently chirping below.


e first way in caring for birds to be diligent in singing is by condensation carried out before the birds are dried in the sun which must also be done on how to care for lovebird birds. In the morning around 5 am, the bird cage can be placed on a tree branch so that the bird can get fresh air to improve breathing. This condensation is very important so that birds can feel the environment like their natural habitat and the atmosphere of the morning is very preferred by birds to chirp diligently.

Drying Morning and Evening

The way to keep pigeons that can be spit, in addition to the condensation process carried out in the morning, then the birds must also be dried around 7 am in order to get enough sunlight and the bird’s body can be warmer. Sunning birds is also very important because the sun is a natural source of vitamin D for birds as well as a way to get rid of germs and fungi in the body and bird cage.

Cleaning the Cage

The cage or bird cage is also the next important thing so that birds are diligent in singing because the birds are very happy if their place of residence is kept clean from various impurities that stick to the cage, including in how to care for the turtledove. For that, cleaning the cage regularly is also the key to success so that birds can be diligent in singing.

the feed container or unpluging the voer before going to sleep is useful so that when the bird wakes up in the morning, the food to be digested is animal-based protein such as kroto or insects that are very good for forming character and mental like bird life in the wild. Unplug voer is also useful so that birds can be more docile and prevent obesity so that eventually the bird will be lazy to move and sing. This method is carried out by lifting the feed container when it is dark which is done every night around 7 pm and the lights remain lit to prevent birds from singing in quiet and dark places.

Practice with a Mirror

Birds to be more diligent like the way to care for the glass going to the next is to use a mirror to mentally train birds to sound as instincts of birds when they are competed because they see their reflection in the mirror. This treatment is not intended so that birds can chirp with beautiful sounds, but train birds to dare to make sounds. The mirror can be hung on the cage wall, but notice if the bird gets angry, then just bring the mirror close enough to avoid the feathers on the wings and tail from falling out.

Bring it closer to similar birds

Bird cages can also be brought close to other similar bird cages or known as orchids. For this method, a similar type of bird should be chosen in terms of age, appearance and so on. If you choose the wrong bird, the consequences can be fatal because the bird can be stressed because it hears other birds singing better. Later, birds will be reluctant to chirp and focus more on finding ways to escape because they feel depressed.

Put the Cage in the Crowd

Placing a bird cage in a crowded place so that the bird is accustomed to the situation and does not easily stress that must also be done on how to keep a magpie. Cages or cages can be placed on the terrace or other places that are often traversed. Also add a few other cages so that birds can be more comfortable because they see other birds. This treatment is very important especially if you want to include birds in a race where the area is very crowded. If the bird cage is placed too long in a quiet place will make the bird move and be more afraid of people. For this reason, placing birds in crowded areas must be done consistently, such as bringing other friends who also raise birds, come to a race or be hung in a crowded environment.

Mastering with MP3

The next treatment so that the diligent birds chirping is to play the sound of a kind bird via MP3. This is very important to strengthen the mental birds that are still wild. Choose the sound of a kind bird that is melodious or the sound of birds that have won the race. Do the pasting with a 5 minute pause and 5 minutes silent and the sound used as a pasting is selected that is not too long and not too much variation. For the initial stage, select 1 voice first, for example the sound of crickets. Do this 3 times a day for 1 hour can be morning, afternoon and night.

After 1 week, the sound can be added by continuing to play the first sound and then adding it to the third type of sound so that the bird does not leave the old sounds that have been learned. The trick is to play the first sound for 5 minutes and continue the second sound for 5 minutes and so on.

Regular Exercise

Regular and regular training is needed to maintain the condition of the bird so that it is always fit, such as the treatment of magpie, thrust the tail. Place the bird in a crowded place but not too noisy because it can make a stage fright if the conditions are not really ready. Birds sometimes can also feel nervous to chirp in an area that is too crowded so mentally must be trained first so that it becomes stronger and not nervous when in a very crowded place.

Give Ginger Potion

Bird lovers are familiar with the provision of ginger concoction which aims to make birds sing more often. Ginger is very famous for being able to stimulate birds to chirp more diligently while maintaining bird fitness especially in the rainy season which is useful for warming the body of the bird and making birds more active. In ginger contains a substance called gingerol which is very good for dealing with throat infection disorders that can make birds have difficulty speaking because air clogs the esophagus. To make this mixture, chop ginger and boil until it boils then cool and give it to the bird. But remember to keep giving regular drinking to smoothen the ginger solution.