See the Use of Marijuana in the Medical World

The use of Cannabis sativa for the treatment of several diseases is indeed beneficial. But on the other hand, the legality of the law is violated and the side effects caused by the use of medical marijuana are still being debated.
The need for cannabis as a drug in the medical world has existed since centuries ago. In cannabis, the researchers found components of active substances that might help with treatment. The component is a chemical compound called cannabinoids. Oklahoma medical marijuana attorney

Cannabinoids are found in cannabis. Two active compounds of cannabinoids that have been studied include delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).
These substances are said to help cure and reduce the symptoms of certain diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), cancer, can also increase appetite in people with HIV / AIDS, hepatitis C, stress disorders, post-trauma, glaucoma, epilepsy, and some other disease.

(Marijuana) to treat some diseases such as digestive diseases can indeed, but for other cases such as cancer, marijuana is used only to reduce symptoms. But there are still many other drugs that can be used, so it’s not the drug of choice,

However, there are exceptions in 28 states in the United States such as Arizona, Florida, and Washington that allow marijuana to be used only for treatment in some medical conditions.
Strict rules for the use of cannabis for medical use in the US also vary from state to state. In Alaska, for example, the use of cannabis as a drug is limited to only 28 grams for one-time use, while in Arkansas 85 grams for 14 days of use.

Although research about the medical benefits of cannabis has not been counted so much, in a few small case studies, the use of cannabis in cancer patients is said to reduce nausea and dizziness after undergoing chemotherapy.
Cancer sufferers usually ‘enjoy’ cannabis treatment through foods such as cakes. Still, the use of cannabis in food must use certain permits.
Close supervision of the use of cannabis as a medical drug, can not be separated from the possible side effects. indifferent patient conditions, the use of cannabis can make mood changes such as sudden cheerfulness, relaxation, drowsiness, or even anxiety. These side effects can last 1 to 3 hours.
It is very difficult to predict the effects of medical marijuana on patients because marijuana plants have many active compounds. The effect can be felt differently based on the time of use and the dose used.

The legality of cannabis as a medical drug was recently approved by the Argentine senate. The country allows the use of marijuana for the medical world, both in the form of oil or other derivatives of cannabis products, with strict provisions.
But even though more and more countries have legalized cannabis for medical purposes, in Indonesia marijuana is still classified as class I narcotics and its use is prohibited in any form.