New tourist attractions in Bandung that you must visit

As the capital city of West Java, Bandung always develops its tourism potential. Especially, outdoor tourism that shows the natural beauty of Bandung in the highlands to the fullest. Just try to come to tourist attractions such as Farm House or De’Ranch. You will immediately agree that Bandung does have beautiful natural scenery and cool air. cheap and comfortable lodging in Bandung Hotel.

This advantage makes the number of tourists who come to Bandung on weekends to reach 200,000 people based on data from the Bandung City Culture and Tourism Office. Moreover, now there are eight new tourist attractions in Bandung which certainly makes the holiday experience even more exciting. What are some? Come on, find out below!

Bird and Bromelia Pavilion

For those who want to have a vacation with your family, you can try new experiences at the Bird and Bromelia Pavilion. As an educational tour with a bird park concept, the Bird and Bromelia Pavilion has around 600 birds that are allowed to fly freely. You can feed the birds directly, even take pictures at close range.

Danau Lembah Dewata

Hearing the word “dewata”, the first thing that comes to mind is the island of Bali. This is what you will remember when you go on vacation to the Valley of the Gods Lake. This tourist spot is a large valley between green mountains, plantations, and forests. While at the Valley of the Gods, you will feel as if you are in Ubud, Bali.

Puncak Eurad Pingping

Vacationing at the Top of Eurad Pingping is the right decision if you want to enjoy a relaxing time in the midst of nature. Located in Wangunharja Village, Lembang, Eurad Pingping Peak offers views of green and lush hills, tea gardens, and rows of pine trees. Because it is located on a plateau, the atmosphere is so cool and soothing.

Barusen Hills

One more new tourist spot in Bandung that you must visit with your family is Barusen Hills. The facilities offered are very complete, ranging from a waterpark with cold and hot water pools to a beautiful flower garden to be used as a photo spot.

Dago Dream Park

A new tourist spot in Bandung with an outdoor concept that is no less exciting is Dago Dream Park. There are many interesting rides that you can try, one of which is the Aladdin Flying Rug. On a cable that is equipped with various safety tools, you can fly using an Aladdin-style rug.

The Lodge Maribaya

The main attraction of The Lodge Maribaya lies in the outdoor rides that can make you enjoy the natural scenery around from a height. You can try the flying fox, ride a hanging bike, and feel sitting on a high swing. In addition, there is also a viewing post called the Sky Tree, which is located above a tree for you to take pictures.

Bukit Senyum Cipada

Located at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level, Bukit Senyum Cipada offers amazing natural views of the mountains. Of the total 8.5 hectares of hill area, 5 hectares are used as tourist attractions. There are around 1,500 pine trees on each hectare creating a natural landscape that is so attractive as a photo spot.

Indo Wisata Permata

Different from various new tourist attractions in Bandung that carry the concept of nature, Indo Wisata Permata (IWP) is an educational tour for lovers of gemstones, especially diamonds. In fact, IWP is claimed to be the first diamond tourist spot in Asia.

So, which new tourist spot in Bandung will you visit first?