How to Cut Cat Nails

Often cat lovers complain about furniture or items in their homes being damaged by being the target of cat scratches. To prevent this, we can prevent cats from scratching things carelessly by providing a special claw place or should regularly check and then trim it with cat nail clippers every two weeks.

How to cut the nails?

1. When trimming the cat’s nails, make the cat feel comfortable when you hold it and keep the cat moving as little as possible. It’s a good idea to position your hand when holding the cat’s paw a little away from the cat’s mouth so that it doesn’t bite later. You also need to pay attention to the cat’s reaction to biting or scratching. If you find it difficult to hold your own cat, ask someone else to hold it.

2. Hold the cat’s toes with the thumb and forefinger

3. Gently press the bottom of one of the cat’s toes or paws so that the cat’s nails will pop out.

4. Before cutting, pay attention to the pink part in the middle of the claw. This section is called a “quick”, in it, there are blood vessels and nerves, so it will be painful if this section is cut.

5. Start cutting one by one carefully. It’s best to trim the cat’s nails at a distance of about 1 mm from the quick, not too close because it will hurt. It should also be noted the position of the nail clipper with the cat’s nails and the sharpness of the nail clipper.

There are many different nail clippers available and each one has a different way of using it, but the principle is that the nails are cut from the bottom up (vertical), not from the side. If you cut the nail from the side, it is more likely that the nail will break. In addition, the nail clipper used must also be really sharp, because if it is not sharp it can also cause the nails to break easily and the shape of the cat’s nail cut is not good.

6. If you accidentally cut the quick part and it causes bleeding, then immediately press the bleeding part using a cotton swab until the bleeding stops. After that give antiseptic drugs. If the bleeding continues, give a stopper or potassium permanganate, you can also use cornstarch.