How and When To Use an Emergency Vet

Few things are more stressful for pet owners than to have a pet that is seriously ill. Emergency veterinary care can be expensive and is not always easy to find, so it is good to have a plan in place before your pet gets sick. 

How To Find an Emergency Vet

Many clinics only provide emergency services for people who are already clients. When choosing a veterinary clinic palm harbor fl you should ask if they offer emergency services, when those services are available and how you can get in contact if an emergency happens outside of the normal business hours. If your regular vet does not offer emergency services, ask them if they can recommend a 24-hour emergency clinic. 

If an emergency happens when you are away from home, try searching for a “24-hour veterinary clinic” or “emergency animal clinic near me” for local results. If you are concerned that your pet may have ingested something poisonous, you can try contacting the ASCPA or Pet Poison Helpline for assistance. 

When To Use an Emergency Vet

If your pet’s accident or illness occurs during your vet’s normal business hours, your first step should be to call them and find out if they can see your pet immediately. If your veterinarian isn’t available, then you need to decide whether your pet’s condition is a true emergency or can wait until your vet is available. If your pet is having difficulty breathing, is experiencing repeated diarrhea or vomiting, has a distended or bloated abdomen, has swallowed a foreign object, is having seizures, is not eating or drinking or has suffered any kind of trauma, they should receive immediate care. 

A medical emergency can be a traumatic experience for pet owners. You can take a lot of the stress out of the situation by having a plan in place before an emergency occurs.