Exotic Animals For Sale

Exotic PetsYou might have heard from an individual that exotic pets or so-called wild animals are illegal to own as pets, but this is precisely like saying it is illegal to hunt animals. The ignorant author is after against accessing their zero expertise about animals and the pet trade and simply assuming ‘exotic pets rarely bond with their owners’ based on the truth that they never have neotenic, social tendencies like domesticated dogs (and some even do).

Regrettably, zoos are only ready to care for a specific number of animals and those that can not be accommodated are frequently euthanized Sanctuaries are typically currently at capacity due to the massive captive exotic animal epidemic in the U.S. Sadly, this implies that a lot of owners resort to selling their pets at auctions exactly where they are purchased for canned hunting attractions or taxidermy.

Claim: Even even though there are some great owners, the fact still remains that undesirable owners will always exist as long as the exotic pet trade is allowed to continue, so contributing to the demand for the pet trade is inevitably supporting cruelty.

Simply because my sample size only includes incidences occurring in the United States (the country of which the regulations are getting proposed and where private exotic pet owners are prominent) in the variety of 1990 to 2014, I removed all the incidences in foreign countries which decreased the list substantially.

Due to the fennec fox’s chihuahua-like size, this is an exotic pet that does not demand a room-sized enclosure, and unlike other foxes, such as the red fox, they have little or no odor, so they can be property pets and meet their power needs indoors as nicely.