Does Your Dog’s Grooming Cost More Than Your Own Haircut?

Most dog lovers make the effort to take their beloved pet to a professional groomer because they want what’s best for them. Although, if you’re one of those who prefer to groom their pets at home, that doesn’t make any less of a good pet parent. 

It is accurate to say that professional groomers cost more. Travel time, effort, and of course, money. Especially when your pet is aggressive, some groomers don’t take them in. If they can, it may cost a little more than when a pet is well-behaved. This is completely understandable since grooming animals is no easy job.

No matter the breed, pets require regular grooming to keep them fresh and healthy. But if going to the professional groomers is too much for you and cost more than your own haircuts, you can definitely just groom your pet at home. 

Since some dogs become more threatened and anxious with strangers, it can be hard for a groomer to handle them. But if your pet completely trusts you, it should be easier. More importantly, it saves you a load of money. 

It may take an entire hour to groom your pet for the first time. As time passes by and when you do it regularly, you will get the hang of it. Before you groom them, make sure you have enough treats that you can give them during each step in case they get impatient and after as their reward.

Nail Trimming

For cutting your dog’s nails, you can use either a nail grinder or a nail cutter for dogs. It is encouraged that you use both since they both have various functions. The clippers are for cutting, while the grinder is like nail filing, which will avoid sharp parts that the clippers caused. 

You have to be careful in trimming because if you cut a nail too far, it can cause pain and bleeding for the poor pup. 

Hair or Fur Trimming

There are different scissors to use for their face and for the body. For the face and tough parts, you have to use smaller hair scissors in order to be accurate with the reductions. It takes time for your hand to be adept and perfect. Just be extra careful around the eyes.  

A bigger pair of shears are used to trim their body hair. Another good choice is by shaving using a clipper. Choose the best size depending on how much fur they need to be removed. If they need just little trimming, you can use a pair of thinning scissors just to avoid their hair being tangled all the time and exclude dirt from the ends.

Ear cleaning

This step is not mandatory for some mutts, depending on their breed. Because of the size and shape of their ears, they can be prone to getting dirt into them.

First, you need to gradually prepare your dog before going for their ears. Some dogs are sensitive about it and can be traumatized if you pressured them. You can use a piece of baby wipe to clean their ears. If there is a certain cleaner solution that your vet might prescribe, you can consult them before trying a cleaner. Some brands or products may be irritating for them.


This is one of the most challenging and most time-consuming parts for stubborn dogs. You’re lucky if your dog can tolerate or love being in the water. Stubborn dogs who hate bathing need more preparation.

Make sure that they’re relaxed and in a healthy mood because some dogs tend to react aggressively when they’re being forced. But once they’ve felt the water, they’re most likely unable to move. Also, before bathing your dog, it is noteworthy to figure out whether they have hair or fur, so you can also know how to care for them.

Teeth Brushing

For some owners, it can be hard for them to convince their dog to brush their teeth. Others start off by giving them a rubber toy that can clean their teeth somehow. Although, most dogs like brushing their teeth since they like the taste of toothpaste. 

If you can, brush their teeth twice a day. Their teeth need as much care as humans’. Acknowledging the basics of dog grooming can lead to better quality as you get yourself used to it. Since you love your pets, and it can be stressful for some, this shouldn’t be bothersome but rather enjoyable, and maybe hilarious. 

Some people even think that bathing or cleaning their dogs is therapeutic for them. By grooming them at home, not only helps you save money and improves your bond with them, but also can be relaxing for you.Meta title; Basic Ways to Groom Your Dogs at Home
meta desc: If you’re a first-time dog owner and taking your mutt to a professional groomer is too much for you, learn the basics so you can just groom them at home. Read on to learn how you can get started.