How to Become a Professional Jockey

Professional jockeys must have a passion for horseback riding, and must also meet the strict height and weight requirements for the profession. Horse racing jockeys specialize in a particular kind of racing such as thoroughbred, quarter horse racing and obstacle races. Read on for a few tips to help you get started on your mission to become a professional jockey.


1. Stay in Shape

In order to be a jockey, you must be in top physical shape and stay trim to meet the low weight restrictions. Jockeys don’t simply ride horses, they also coax the horses into peak performance. This requires strength and agility. In addition to time at the stables and racetracks, jockeys spend a lot of time at the gym training their bodies.

2. Attend Racing Events

Attend equestrian events Northampton MA before deciding you want to become a jockey. Watch the jockeys closely and really think about whether this is something you want to spend a large portion of your time doing. Additionally, attending other races will enable jockeys to learn from professionals and develop plans and strategies to be implemented in their own races.

3. Become an Apprentice

There are various jockey schools throughout the country, but the best way to become a professional jockey is to learn from someone who is already a professional. An apprenticeship will prepare you to enter the world of jockeys and teach you about racing, safety and how things work in the horse racing world. Apprenticeships also prepare jockeys … Read More

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Why Your Home Needs Pet Doors

You may be thinking, “Why would my home need pet doors?” After all, your house already has doors and you walk your pet at least twice a day. Here are three reasons why you should look into pet access doors Portland OR.

1. Freedom

Dogs enjoy their daily walks, but their idea of where they want to go is not always the same as their owner’s. Dogs love smells and they love to follow a particularly good one. They can’t do that from the end of a leash. In the yard, though, dogs can really be dogs. They can smell who has been on their property lately and follow scent trails all they want.

Without a leash, dogs are truly free to go exactly where they want to.

2. Emergencies

When you aren’t home, or if you have gone to bed, there may be times when your dog has an accident in the house. This is stressful for both of you.

Access doors allow them to go outside to do their business when they really need to, without bothering you.

3. Convenience

Walking your dog is good exercise for both of you. It’s also fun to be out together, just the two of you. However, if you’ve just had the worst workday ever and just want to collapse on the couch, you can. Without a pet door, you need to take care of your dog first, making you even more worn out. 

When the weather would force you to … Read More

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