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pets and animalAnimal lovers already understand how good it feels to interact with their pet Now research has proven that this positive effect can be applied in a therapeutic setting. My main curiosity just isn’t, however, in encouraging new attitudes towards animals at the moment; slightly, my focus is on understanding how concepts about animals have been formed in specific ways by their particular historic contexts, and on how enthusiastic about animals in flip helped form other kinds of considering at particular moments in time.

In different words, the ‘father of the animal rights movement’ rejects animal rights altogether and has given his blessing to cage-free eggs, crate-free pork, and just about every ‘happy exploitation’ measure promoted by nearly each giant animal welfare charity.

In an interview with The Vegan journal in 2006, he said, for instance, that he could ‘imagine a world in which folks mostly eat plant foods, however occasionally deal with themselves to the posh of free-vary eggs, or probably even meat from animals who live good lives under situations pure for their species, and are then humanely killed on the farm’.

You might reply that you just disagree with all that as properly, and that we ought to ban folks from killing animals except in situations in which we might be tempted to permit assisted suicide (terminal sickness, unrelenting ache, etc) and that we should always prohibit shelters from killing animals except when it is in the most effective interests of the animal.