Why does a dog need a collar?

A collar is an indispensable accessory for walking a dog. The owner can hold the dog directly by the collar or fasten a leash to it. The collar and leash help to control the dog’s behavior and restrict it from unplanned escapes. Such dog accessories are mandatory for any dog breed. The collar is needed for safety purposes. Even if the pet disappears, it will be easier to find them with the help of the collar.

How to choose a dog collar? 

Breed, size, and age of the animal should be taken into account. Choose a collar depending on the size of your pet, so that the accessory fits comfortably. Also, the collar should not be too rigid, otherwise it will rub the pet’s neck.

Pay attention to the material of which the collar is made, it must be of high quality. Remember that the inside of the accessory should be smooth, without sticking out threads and knots. Such poor-quality inserting will cause inconvenience and injure the pet’s fur and skin. Choose high-quality accessories, as they not only be more comfortable for your dog, but they will also last much longer.

The carbine, rings, and locks on the collar must be secure. You should not choose collars with plastic fittings; it may be inconvenient to use and will break quickly. 

How to train a dog to wear a collar? 

  • Before putting on a collar, you need to let your pet get familiar with a new accessory and get used to it.
  • It should be done in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere and in a playful way, not to cause stress for the pet.
  • You must not shout or beat the dog, if the pet refuses to wear the collar, be patient and keep cool. Talk to your pet calmly, without raising your voice.
  • If the pet resists your attempts to put on a collar, then just take it off.
  • Gradually, the dog will get used to it and will be able to wear it longer. You can give your pet their favorite treat as a reward. 

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