What You Need To Know To Tack Up Your Horse

Horseback riding can be a fun and exciting way to enjoy the outdoors. Many people love learning how to take care of and work with horses, and riding for hours in the wilderness can be an incredibly eye-opening experience. Whether you ride every day or just occasionally, there are a few essential things you must do every time you go to saddle up.

Brush Your Horse

Horses are outdoor animals who love to run and roll in the grass. This means that small bits of dirt, burrs and debris can become stuck in a horse’s fur, mane and tail. Left alone, these things can chafe your horse or cause a rash. Brush your horse down before you ride to prevent irritation caused by friction from the saddle and saddle blanket.

Check Your Tack

Overtime, saddle straps, bridles and bits Wallenstein ON can become worn down. Cracked, broken or loose parts can be harmful to the horse and dangerous for the rider. Check each part of your tack carefully and exchange anything that looks broken. You can also prevent damage to your gear by cleaning it after each ride.

Clean Your Horse’s Hooves

Rocks and muck can become lodged in a horse’s hooves or in a horse’s shoe. Left alone, this could be very painful and cause long-term damage to the horse. Clean each hoof before you ride and check each horseshoe. If your horse has a loose shoe, avoid riding until you can replace it.

Cinch Up Carefully

When it is time to put the saddle on your horse, be mindful when cinching or tightening the girth. If the straps are twisted or cinched too tightly, you can leave impressions or marks on your horse. This could cause your horse to be hesitant or even scared of the saddle. Cinch the girth slowly and gently.

Use these tips the next time you go for a ride. Doing so can help keep you and your horse happy and safe!