What is the Best Abbotsford Vet and Animal Hospital with Veterinarians?

We all want the best for our pets. They are part of the family and we only want the ultimate best for their needs. Pets, just like humans get sick from time to time. Some of them experience serious issues and diseases and we’re the ones that must take them to the doctors.

The pet doctor is called a vegetarian. This is a person who studied medicine just like any other person but specialized in veterinary. In Abbotsford and the surrounding area, there are more vets, so you need to find out which one is the best before you entrust your cat, dog, or other pet to them. Learn more about vets here.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips that will explain to you what a good vet and animal hospital is. We will share the most crucial things you must know to find the ultimate best one for your needs, and the needs of your pet. Follow up on what we have prepared and learn more about this topic.

1. Make sure it’s close

One of the most important issues you need to have in mind is the closeness to your location. If there’s an emergency you want to have everything under control and know where to go. You shouldn’t wander around the city when your pet is having a seizure, but you need to know where to go directly.

Look at the map and see where animal hospitals are located. Those who are close should be an excellent choice, and those who are further should be considered as less valuable. Of course, don’t make a decision based on the location just yet, but look at the other features or issues that they might have.

Location is important but not crucial. Look at the other things we have listed below and only when you’re done with the thorough research, you’ll be ready to decide where to go in case your pet needs a doctor.

2. Ask for accreditation

All veterinarians and vet hospitals are regulated by the AAHA or the American Animal Hospital Association. They are responsible for everything that is happening in the world of animal healthcare. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about cows, snakes, or cats. These guys are responsible for every life.

Ask the hospitals nearby if they are accredited. If they aren’t it means you should be looking for another place. If they are, then put an exclamation point next to their names which means that these hospitals pass the bar and can be considered a serious animal hospital. See more about AAHA here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Animal_Hospital_Association.

3. Check the veterinarian experience

The people working there are the main reason to go somewhere or avoid some places. The veterinarians working inside these hospitals should be the best of the best when it comes to your pet. Someone else may experiment, but when it comes to your pet, you should only accept the best.

To find out who’s working there and are they skilled enough to treat your pet, you should run their names through the search engines looking for people’s reviews and how they were satisfied when these docs treated their pets.

If they have an excellent reputation, it means that they are highly skilled and experienced. If they have bad reviews, it means that they are not your bad choice. Patients in these places are pets so they can’t speak up for themselves, but their owners definitely can and do.

It’s common for them to go on the internet and write these reviews. The idea is that we’re bound to do it because animals can’t speak. We have to do it for them and warn other pet owners to avoid places that won’t provide the perfect care. Read some reviews and see which of the nearby places own a perfect reputation.

4. 24/7 availability

When you call every hospital separately, you should ask them about their working hours. Most of them have a standard working time – from nine until five, but they also allow emergency acceptance for a higher fee than the standard. This fee can greatly differ from one place to another.

However, some won’t work outside of their standard working time. These places might be excellent during working hours, but you can’t rely on them in cases of emergency. It’s worth knowing this because when an emergency comes, you might be surprised by the fact. See more about these issues here.

5. Skilled personal and assistance

Aside from the veterinarians working there, the staff around them should also be highly skilled, motivated, and experienced in their job. It’s great to visit them once and see how the atmosphere is. See how friendly they are and will they give you a tour around the place.

The best ones have nothing to hide. You should be allowed to go around the entire place and see the conditions. The cleanliness must be top-notch – it needs to be spotless because as humans need perfect conditions in hospitals, so do pets.

6. Time in the business

How much time the hospital is in the vet business is also important. You want those who have tons of experience and have been through all kinds of things in the past. Just like everything else, experience is crucial for success, and those who are the most experienced, are also the most successful in their job.

With dozens of vets in the city, it’s crucial to look for the most experienced Abbotsford Vet before you make a decision and take your pet to some hospital. Do your research and find the most experienced one.


These few points tell you everything you need to know about a veterinary hospital and veterinarians working there. With these points from above, you’ll know what the most important things you need to look for in an animal hospital are. Make sure the place is close, has skilled and experienced staff, and the hospital is AAHA approved. If they are working around the clock, then that’s only a plus.