Train Your Horse for World Class Championships

You Want The Best For Your Horse

Whether you’re a championship rider or just a recreational owner, your horse means the world to you. They’re intelligent and sometimes sensitive creatures that you likely consider a part of your family. So, not only is careful consideration taken in regards to their stable, the food they eat, and the equipment they use in regards to saddles and bridles, but recreational equipment is carefully considered, too. One of these pieces of recreational equipment, often used in tournaments and shows, is that of horse jump standards. For championship riders, having the right jump is critical for an excellent performance. For the recreational rider, the right jump is absolutely necessary to ensure that you’re not asking for more of your horse than it can provide whilst still giving it an enjoyable exercise.



Top Quality Horse Jumps

For those who are recreational riders, it may not be immediately clear on where you can purchase top-notch horse jumps. One such company you may want to consider is Old Dominion. They specialize in horse jumps that challenge both horse and rider but also provide excellent fun for those who simply want to give their horse a bit of a thrill. Old Dominion has over 15 years of experience in crafting some of the best horse jumps on the market. Their secret is in the careful selection of the wood that’s used for the jumps. Because they are horse owners and competitors themselves, they have a keen insight as to what makes for a good horse jump, and what doesn’t. One of the benefits of selecting a jump from Old Dominion is that their jumps aren’t required to assemble. Their jumps are also built to last. They take the extra measures to pressure-wash their wood in areas that touch the ground as well as use an antifungal primer to ensure that the wood isn’t eaten away by mold.

Because of their care for the wood, you and your horse can enjoy Old Dominion’s jumps for some time.