Three Jobs Dogs Perform Every Day

There are many good reasons why dogs are known as “man’s best friend.” In addition to being loyal, cuddly companions, working dogs do many different jobs that help to keep society running smoothly, including the following.

Law Enforcement Service

Policemen and women rely on their canine partners (typically either German Shepherds or Dobermans) to search for missing people, sniff out drugs, subdue criminals or other attackers and more. Prior to beginning their duties, these dogs go through comprehensive medical examinations as well as rigorous canine training Topeka KS.

Therapy and Emotional Support

Dogs with especially friendly yet calm personalities do well in providing therapy and emotional support to people suffering from a wide range of physical and mental conditions. Some of the populations who benefit most from a therapy dog’s services include people who suffer from anxiety, older adults who may be grieving or lonely and children with autism. If you think your dog may have the right temperament for this type of work, consider taking the steps to train him or her.


Many of the most popular and beloved movies and television shows feature dogs. There are trainers who specialize in preparing these dogs for their roles, and the difficulty of doing so can be high. There is no denying that many of the most iconic movie and film scenes from the last several decades would not be the same without the hardworking canine actors that are featured!

Well-trained dogs can be wonderful pets, but their contribution to society does not end with companionship. All around the world, canines perform jobs that no other animal or human could do. Fortunately, Myesadoctor it is in their nature to want to be of service, and they gain satisfaction from performing a useful role and having a secure place within a group.