Dogs’ Refuge Property

Dogs For AdoptionWe are a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehoming Northern Breed dogs in eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Lots of intriguing facts about dogs and shedding – will be looking for a dog soon (it is been two years because our 13 yr old pup left us) so this is extremely valuable! With her newfound mobility, fenced in backyard to exercise in, 4 other dogs to play with and from eating a healthier diet plan, she had lost numerous pounds and was no longer obese. There have been Wonderful Danes, Dalmations, Chows, German Shepherds that we’ve taken to shelters (sad) when we had a full house of four dogs but the ones who came inside to live were often grateful and very good natured. Executive Director Corinne Fong says the breed and size of its dogs could nicely be the greatest obstacle to their finding a new house.

I am thankful for every single adoption and absolutely everyone prepared to support,all rescues and vendor assisting MCAS save lives. It is remarkable how she is able to hop quicker than some of our dogs run and how she has confirmed the doctors incorrect when they mentioned we ought to place Harper down and she will in no way stroll. Whilst you happen to be at the adoption center, preserve in thoughts that it is a stressful location for any animal. Just an observation.. it seems as if the Adoption Application is not very visible. Clothes for Dogs is an additional … Read More

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