Bobcats As Pets

Exotic PetsBecoming an avid fan of the ‘ Animal Precinct ‘ show presented on Animal Planet, I always believed the ASPCA (American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), based in New York City, were the very good guys, but lo and behold, cognitive bias and ignorance knows no bounds when it come to corrupting the minds of individuals with affordable intelligence and producing them say misleading to downright disturbingly stupid statements. 1 of the lesser recognized native African animals except possibly among the exotic pet community (they aren’t even identified in your spell verify), the spotted genet is in the family viverridae along with civets, binturongs (also recognized as bear cats) and lisangs.

Normally, the City or County Council have determined that possession of specific exotic species poses a critical threat to the wellness, safety, and welfare of the residents of the neighborhood as a result of a current attack in the region, an escape, or by the virtue of the animals’ physical attributes and natural behavior and, as such, adopts an ordinance regulating or banning private possession.

Though the CDD has prohibited the importation of most monkeys as pets given that 1975, some macaques imported for analysis are now getting sold on the open market place, because the government does not track exactly where animals go right after they finish quarantine.

The takeaway message of this post is to never think a news story’s claim about some thrilling exotic animal sighting (or an animal rights group’s claim that evil … Read More

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