Recommended Hairstyles for Women who are Beautiful and Easy to Practice

Women certainly want to give a new touch to their appearance. One thing that can be done is styling your hair so that it can look different.

In addition to the face, hair becomes the main attraction for someone. So do not be surprised if many people, especially women, are willing to spend a lot of money to care for hair to make it look more charming. Beautiful hair will certainly attract the attention of many people and make the owner become more confident when dealing with others.

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In addition to caring for your hair properly, there are other ways you can do to look more beautiful. The trick is to style your hair according to the style that is trending. Want long or short hair, if styled with style it certainly can support the overall appearance.

Here Are Women’s Hairstyles You Can Easily Apply

To look good doesn’t always have to be complicated. For example for the hair style. If you are lazy to organize a memorable neat, you can apply the messy break off style. This Korean style will make your casual look even more adorable.

Comb your hair first to remove tangles. Pull hair back or up then hold where you want to make it come off. If you like the impression of a mess, you can let a few strands of hair or bangs dangle to frame the face. Pull your hair as high as possible then coil or break your hair. Trim the edges if you don’t like the impression of a mess. But you can leave it if you want a more natural impression.

Twisted Hair for Short Hair

Start this one style by tapping your hair to the back. Next, leave the hair on the right and left sides of the same size. Divide the hair on the side into 3. Take one part of the hair which is divided into 3 parts from the left side of the hair then twist the hair and wrap the ends around the rubber cord until it runs out. Next do the same for the right hair section. Then do the same thing with the remaining two other sections of hair left and right.

Ponytail Long Hair

Waiting for long hair does sometimes need patience. There are times when we want to give the illusion of hair longer than its original size. For this one, you can apply a long ponytail style.

Half Pigtails

There are so many simple hairstyles that we can do when we are in a hurry. One of them is a half ponytail hairstyle. With this one style, you can give a feminine and cheerful impression.

Side Pigtails

Another hairstyle try is the side ponytail. You can apply a neat style and also can apply a messy style. For the neat, you must first straighten your hair to make it neater. Bring all the hair to one side of the head. Gather the hair together and tie with rubber. Decorate with ribbons or hair clips so that they are attractive.

Standard Quiff

The next style is the standard quiff style. This one hairstyle is easy to apply. Push the hair forward to form a quiff style. Avoid pushing hair too much.

You can also start this style by making a ponytail first. Afterwards, the hair twist becomes a style of bun. Only then remove the bangs from the hair ties. Trim your front hair up then twist it for a beautiful quiff style.