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Dog RescueAn owner of a recently rescued Maltese contacted me right now desperately in need of assist. Dogs not to have are the top five biting breeds: pit bulls (prime breed in studies for canine homicides, serial attacks, rampage attacks, biting their owners, and dog bites), rottweilers, akitas, chows, and german shephards or a mix breed with any of these.

I had a pitty when I had my 1st daughter we got him, and he was wonderful with her, he would lay about her blanket on the floor and watch her playy and follow us about the residence, great dog…till….the neighbours dog came onto our home one day (in the nation) and he attacked him viciously.

It seemed that this dogs greatest ambition was to either lay in a batch of sunlight and snooze, or to follow us around hoping for a game of some sort (generally tug-of-war or catch.) Never as soon as did I or any one particular of my other close friends who spent time about Simpson ever feel unsafe about this dog.

Although my neighbor’s toddler might be in a position to run up to my dog and throw his arms around my 90 pound dog’s neck and be really protected, I would not enable that to take place without having my becoming present-nor would I enable it to happen if the youngster had a cookie in his hand.

If your dog has been residence-educated and going outdoors all this time, and has abruptly started going in the residence, it could be a signal that one thing is incorrect, whether or not he is stressed out from changes in his routine or sharing his home with a new pet, or possibly one thing health-related like a bladder infection.