Montclair Township Animal Shelter

Adopt A PetOver 200,000 animals are listed at any offered time, all simply searchable and most with pictures. There will be a bake sale, where you can find yummy treats for your 4 legged buddies – a bbq, proceeds going to the shelter – bring your pet and get a Christmas themed image – and understand much more about how to donate a dog or cat bed to the shelter, or get more information on our fostering system!

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If you have queries about a certain pet you saw (whether or not he or she is nonetheless obtainable, character traits, and so forth.) or about the adoption policies of a particular shelter or group (no matter whether they permit adoptions out of state, how much adoption costs are, and so on.), you will need to have to contact the shelter or rescue group directly.

The group may have changed its concentrate a bit, but it is essential to note that they are still taking care of any that had been placed by way of their agency and now for some cause require to be rehomed, so do check their site for available dogs You might be lucky adequate to get a Chinook Winds dog of mature years and some experience as a family members pet.

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