Legitimate and Legal Ways in Making a Testament

Every parent always likes the best for children. Hoping that even those who have only compilation are still alive, but also after death. Therefore, parents ask permission to be able to obtain an inheritance from the wise. probate attorney tulsa ok

It’s just that, get the canceled property. Instead of being carried out fairly, the distribution of inheritance often leads to enmity between family members. Therefore, parents need to plan inheritance in advance, try to use a will.

Legal Rules for Making a Testament

You need to know, there are 3 legal bases that are used as the basis for the distribution of inheritance in Indonesia. The three legal bases are Islamic inheritance law, customary inheritance law, and also the last is the distribution of inheritance based on Civil Law which is carried out by containing a will.

The making of a will in the process of distributing inheritance is usually carried out by followers of a religion other than Islam. However, there is nothing more to release, which also helps. There are things that you must arrange compilation that want to use the method of distributing inheritance with a will, namely:

Portie copyright or Round rights

The system of distributing inheritance recognizes the existence of legitimate portie or Class rights. The right to respect this gives a guarantee for the heirs to get the inheritance from the heir. This Legitieme portion also quotes the amount that must be received by an heir with regard to his status, both biological children and children outside of marriage.

Form of will

• Holographic Testament

A holographic testament is a form of a will written directly and signed by the inheritor. The writing of this will is done by handwriting which is then sent to the notary.

• General wills

A general will is a type of will that is written by a notary. A will is the type of testament that is most often used. The reason, because the process of making a will is approved with the advice that fits the contents of the will by the notary.

• Secret testament

Secret wills can be issued by the inheritor or another person. However, this will must be approved with the inheritor’s signature. In addition, the process of submitting it to the notary is carried out in a closed and sealed condition.

Witness a will

The presence of witnesses is a crucial factor in making a legal will. Testimony is required for each type of will made, either a holographic, general or confidential testament. A holographic and general will, accepting the presence of 2 participants. Meanwhile, a secret will requires 4 witnesses.

• Pair content or partner agreement

Partner agreement is also something that cannot be missed in the distribution of inheritance. In addition, the compilation of the distribution of assets constitutes joint ownership of the wife and husband.

• Notary Public

The last factor that must be present in making legal and legal wills is notary staff. A will that has been compiled and signed must be deposited with the notary.

That is the way to arrange a valid and legal will according to the law . Let the inheritance caused by riots in the family, the distribution process be carried out safely. In fact, if necessary, parents must plan ahead.