Keeping Your Pets Safe From Tick

Fleas are a very common problem in pets, especially dogs, therefore as an owner you should know how to get rid of dog fleas properly and quickly, so that when your dog is infected with fleas, you don’t have to panic and be surprised because you already know what to do. The risk of getting fleas will be the same for puppies or senior dogs because basically fleas are very happy to eat dog’s blood and when they have found their food source they will reproduce and start building a colony on their own, Fleas are the number one parasite in dogs and cats so it is imperative owners know how to get rid of dog fleas.

How To Know If A Dog Has Ticks Or Not

Lice that are quiet about their arrival will not be able to be detected by humans or the dogs themselves because these ticks can come from when they are walking or while sleeping in a dirty place, and even from making contact with humans, but don’t worry because the signs can still be recognized, and here are the signs of a dog having fleas:

  1. Dogs scratch themselves frequently
  2. Dogs often bite their bodies
  3. Hair loss occurs
  4. Flea droppings resemble hard black pepper
  5. There is a brown parasite which if observed will jump
  6. The dog’s gums will be paler than usual
  7. There are red bumps
  8. Being restless as well as nervous
  9. Flea Transformation in Dogs

And above is a picture of how the fleas in dogs transform and reproduce, which at first will be eggs, then become larvae, then become pupae and eventually become adult fleas which make dogs itchy and tortured. Looking for a solution to treat ticks in animals? immediately contact new england ticks

Treatment Of The Owner In How To Remove Dog Ticks

Fighting fleas in dogs can be quite emotional and can be time consuming. It is important to treat the dog’s body first because when infected it is very difficult because they are annoying, stubborn and will keep coming back, and here’s what the owner should do:

• Treat your Dog with an oral flea treatment in the form of a spray that will obviously work fast to eradicate bad ticks
• Use a Comb with a density small enough to drop dead fleas and kill dying ones
• Bathe your dog with a special flea shampoo that has been formulated against fleas
• Treat your dog with anti-flea sprays because those that have been infected will have a very high potential for re-infection, because it is possible that your house has been infested with fleas when it scratches so there is the potential for them to catch again
• Do comb weekly for prevention and monitoring
An important component to helping get rid of fleas in dogs is to prevent them from coming back with a preventative spray, effective flea prevention can break the cycle of flea life so the environment will also be flea-free.

Pay attention to the environment in an effort to get rid of cat fleas, If you have a history of fleas on your pet, it is highly likely that your pet will catch fleas again. Fleas will lay their eggs on your dog and will fall when they sleep on the sofa, relax in the room or when they are roaming the backyard, adult fleas are only a small part of a typical flea infestation, so a few extra steps can be taken as a way of getting rid of dog fleas.

When a dog is infected, you should vacuum all floors and carpets at home in anticipation of fleas falling and potentially landing on the dog’s body again, next is to wash all furniture made of cloth to provide double protection and the last one is by spraying anti-flea liquid so that it will break the life cycle of the lice themselves.