Is It Good to Give Popcorn to Our Canine Friends? An Overview

You cannot allow your dog to eat everything. It does not matter how hard you try to “humanize” them; they are ultimately dogs – a different sort of creature than humans. Therefore, you need to be cautious while you are giving something to the dogs. Sometimes you may offer scraps or leftovers of foods to the dogs but the so-called fast-foods harm those canines. When it comes to popcorn, most of the dog owners feel that it is safe and nutritious. Even though that thought is partially true, you should not allow your dogs to chew popcorns. If you ask why then you should follow the reasons below.

  1. Choking hazard

Primarily, the popcorns do not directly harm dogs. But, the shape of the corns may get stuck to your canine’s teeth. It may later cause problems with swallowing it, and therefore, it is better not to give these items to your pet. If your pet chokes on it, then it may affect the creature badly. At the same time, the food has high sodium and fat, which is bad for the dogs. Your dog may get obese, which may affect its lifespan as well.

  1. Digesting problem

The way you eat popcorn, your dog cannot do the same because its digestive system is not good for these foods. The dogs suffer from digestive problems, and most of them even die due to the same. There’s no way it can be called a wise decision if you choose to share your popcorn with your dog.

  1. Why Obese?

The matter of obesity is not new to the dogs, but it happens to the pet dogs more than their stray-counterparts on the roads. The reason of being obese has been already mentioned, and therefore, you can guess how your dog will look like if it only enhances the weight of the body. It may stop running around playfully, which will hurt you more. The extra sodium needs to be drained out of its body, which may be a tough procedure.

  1. More Vitamin at once

With the popcorns, the vitamin intake in the dog’s body will increase. But that may do harm for the canines. It is a common behaviour for the house pets to sit near you while you are eating and thus the eating habit starts among them. However, you should remember that it will be hard for the dogs to survive the full lifespan if you provide them something, which is not their food.

Therefore, it is better to provide supplements to the dogs rather than giving popcorns. The corns are indeed good for us, but the same may not work in a better formation for the canine friends. Starch and vitamin and other needful things are better for the dogs, but they should be given in a way that does not become a health hazard for them.

  1. Processed popcorn are bad for the canines

Forget other questions, but you have certainly tested popcorns that are tasty as they have been processed in a different way. You should know that overeating of that popcorn may affect you also. Therefore, the canines-friends will certainly get into troubles if you give popcorns to them. They may commonly feel stomach upset, and that may continue for few weeks until you take them to the vets. As the stomach of the dogs is not ready to process the foods in the same way as humans, they may get severely ill due to the use of popcorns. Instead, you can provide them dog foods and meat to keep them healthy.

  1. Gum disease

As the parts of the popcorns get stuck to the teeth of the dogs, they may affect their dental health as well. The canines have a different set of teeth, and therefore, they cannot chew something if that get stuck in between their teeth. They have different sort of mouth formation that allows them to crush things like meat, but not the sticky popcorns always. Therefore, as the substance gets stuck in between their teeth, they may suffer from gum disease and increase your worries more.

  1. Breathing trouble

Even though it is rare but it should be mentioned here. The dogs may get into trouble with their breathing if they swallow the whole piece of corn at times. The sticky substances may create acute breathing trouble among them.

There are some other foods that you should not give your dog apart from popcorn. Let’s have a look at them –

  • Caffeinated substances, because they may create vomiting, diarrhoea, restlessness and enhanced heart beat among the pets
  • Tomatoes and tomato plants, alongside the ripe potatoes
  • Onions and garlic, as they decrease oxygen flow among dogs’ red blood cell and may cause anemia
  • Grapes – which may even cause death for them as well
  • Avocado – the skin and the leaves of the fruit are harmful to the non-human mammals
  • Dairy products (cheese) can create gastrointestinal diseases among the dogs
  • Any sweet thing that contains Xylitol can be bad and sometimes fatal for the canines

To think practical, it has been proved that the existence of salt and other preservative or taste enhancing mixture harm dogs. The dogs require only 10 mg sodium per pound body weight each day. Popcorns will certainly enhance that measurement and eventually affect them.

The veterinarian physicians say, being pet-crazy does not mean that you will act in the same way and offer anything to them without knowing the facts. As mentioned before, it is not only popcorn but also another sort of processed food affects the canines in the same way. The processed meat may not be soothing for the dogs, and if you keep on sharing it with the animals, you must be harming them unknowingly.

Some of the doctors say, providing these processes foods may also change dog’s behaviour as well. A friendly dog is all you want, but if it remains sick all the times, you may get irritated after a certain point. Therefore, as a pet-lover, you need to act cautiously while you are sharing foods like processed meat or popcorns with your canine companion.

However, it is also required to mention that some of the veterinary physicians believe that popcorns are good for the dogs. If you feel the same as them, you can crush the popcorns and then feed your canines at a lower amount. You should remember that there are several better dog food supplements available in the market which, at times, tastes better than popcorn. Therefore, while you are thinking of sharing popcorn with your pet dog, you should think of distracting its mind with healthy dog foods.