Is it Beneficial to Use Coroplast in a Guinea Pig Cage? 

Since the cost of some guinea pig bedding and liners is higher, the pet owner might be looking for a cheaper alternative, such as a coroplast cage. Coroplast is one of the great options to prepare or line the floor for a guinea pig cage because of its flexibility. Now that it’s easy to bend, one can set it perfectly for the corner of the cage. Many other attractive features of coroplast are that it’s resilient, chemical resistant, stiff, and waterproof, making it ideal for a guinea pig’s cage. Read further to know if coroplast is beneficial for guinea pigs. 

Is Coroplast a Safe Choice for Guinea Pigs?

Coroplast is made of a natural polymer that’s chemically inert and, thus, non-toxic when in contact with foods, making it safe for guinea pigs. Moreover, it was found that it doesn’t harm the guinea pigs chewing on the edge of the coroplast. It rarely happens, but pet owners can prevent it by designing the coroplast cage properly. 

Why it’s Beneficial to Use Coroplast for Guinea Pig Cage?

Following mentioned are some benefits of using coroplast sheets for the guinea pigs’ cage:

·  Lightweight and Tough

Coroplast sheets are lightweight- a 4×8 foot coroplast sheet weighs only about 4 pounds. In addition to being lightweight, coroplast sheets are also tough. Moreover, an individual can easily cut and bend the sheet to fit it properly in the cage. 

·  Stiff and Resilient 

Coroplast sheets are stiff and resilient enough to prevent unexpended bent deformation while building the guinea pigs’ cage floor.

·  Waterproof and Resistant to Chemicals

Coroplast sheets are waterproof, meaning they don’t absorb water, making them perfect for guinea pigs. A wet floor tends to make guinea pigs sick. Now that coroplast sheets are resistant to chemicals, including guinea pigs’ urine or substance in their poops are not absorbed in the coroplast cage. This coroplast sheet feature prevents guinea pigs from getting sick due to harmful chemicals. 

·  Easy to Bend and Cut 

Coroplast is foldable, allowing an individual to bend the sheet at a 90-degree angle and prepare the corner of a guinea pig cage. Moreover, one can easily cut these sheets into pieces using scissors or a knife. 

·  Easy to Clean and Transport

Coroplast sheets are resistant to water and chemicals, so it becomes easier for a person to clean them. Furthermore, these sheets are light in weight and resilient, so one can transport them easily. 

·  Environment Friendly

Coroplast is recyclable and can be cleaned easily, making it an eco-friendly option for guinea pig cages. 

·  Allow Using More than One Sheet 

Coroplast is an ideal solution if a pet owner is considering building a large guinea pig cage. He can combine more than one coroplast sheet and cut them into multiple pieces to give the cage a final design without the hassle. 


Coroplast sheets can be used as a lining and prepare the bedding for the guinea pig cage. Most commonly, these sheets are used to line the cage’s floor. Since high-quality coroplast is stiff, resilient, and waterproof, pet owners need not worry about the floor getting wet or having a foul odor.