How to Safely Bring a New Dog Into Your Home

A new dog is a big responsibility. You are bringing in a new family member, and boundaries need to be set right away. Most people make some fundamental preparations, but unfortunately, almost everyone makes some basic mistakes.

If you want to adopt a dog, you need to continue reading to learn more about the essential first steps. Follow the tips below before you bring home your new morkie puppies Pensacola FL.

The sooner you create rules, the easier it will be for you to train your dog. If you are lax or have reservations about being strict, your dog will interpret that as a sign to do whatever it wants. If you bring a dog home and set it loose right away, they will think they have no boundaries.

Stay Calm

First, do not show visible signs of excitement. Your new dog is entering a brand new and stressful environment. Loud and excessive excitement will encourage your new best friend to act wildly.

Go for a Walk

Next, take your dog for a walk right away. This will drain their boundless puppy energy, but it will also introduce them to their new neighborhood. The sooner they can adapt, the better.

Tour the House

Do not take the leash off your dog yet. Stay calm and keep the leash on for your introductory period. Start establishing boundaries right away. Before you let them into the house, try to get them to sit. Lead them around the house without talking or making eye contact. Enter each room first, and then let your dog enter behind you. This establishes you as the authority in the house, and they will behave better for it.

After you walk her around the house, you can introduce your new pet to the special spot you set aside for them. Now you can finally take off their leash and let them rest. They might take a day or two to acclimate and interact with the family.