How To Identify A Reputable Cocker Spaniel Breeder

It can be quite thrilling to welcome a new puppy into the house, but picking the correct breeder, litter, and individual puppy will significantly increase your chances of getting a happy, healthy pet. All of us have heard tales of “puppy farm” puppies who occasionally don’t live through their first birthday because of health problems. 

No worries, though, if you heed the following recommendations and locate reputable cocker spaniel breeders who care about the well-being of every puppy they produce.

Health testing is necessary.

Many breeders often say that health tests have not been conducted because hybrids are healthier. Dogs of mixed breeds can inherit both parents’ genetic disorders; therefore, they may not always be healthier than their purebred counterparts. There is no guarantee that puppies from a litter whose parents have undergone health testing will be healthier than those from untested parents. 

Therefore, you must thoroughly research the proper medical tests and the acceptable outcomes of those exams. The mere fact that a dog has a hip score does not imply that the hip score is favorable or appropriate. For peace of mind, ensure you confirm the outcomes of every health test.

Assess the mother

Reputable breeders frequently crisscross the nation searching for the ideal stud dog to add to their breeding program and complement their bitches. Walk away from the breeder if they give reasons why you can’t see the mother with the litter. If you’re prepared to travel, the stud owner will be delighted to let you see the stud dog. 

Observe the mother’s appearance, size, attitude, and health. If you think the pups’ parents are doing well, your puppy will likely share many of these characteristics. Seeing the mother gives you an idea of how your pup is likely to behave when they are all grown up.

Ask to see the whole litter.

Alarm bells should go off if the breeder refuses to let you see the entire litter and when the litter you are viewing is less than eight weeks old. Also, if the breeder only brings one puppy into the room to meet you rather than allowing you to see the entire litter, you should inquire why. Make sure to observe the whole litter before focusing on one individual puppy. All puppies should be clean and relatively uniform in size, with bright eyes, neat ears, dry noses, and shiny coats.

Ask questions

A reputable breeder will be open to discussing the results of their breeding stock’s health tests, their stock’s accomplishments in shows, working trials, or training, as well as the general day-to-day activities of their dogs. Nowadays, many breeders will send you a “puppy pack,” a collection of printed instructions on how to take care of your new puppy. A reputable breeder will be more than pleased to answer any questions you may have.

The takeaway

Ensure you study all the documentation before choosing a breeder. If something doesn’t feel right about the breeder, continue searching.