Four Types of Puppies You Can Buy

Puppies can bring an abundance of joy and delight to many people. Watching them grow into adults as you take good care of them is an unforgettable part of the experience. Some homeowners plan to sell their litter of puppies and will provide a written health guarantee and verify their registration. You should know about these four dog breeds.


The German dachshund has a friendly yet forceful personality. They were once used as badger dogs, which made them efficient in hunting and digging. Their long body is low to the ground and they are well-balanced on their short legs. They’re stronger than they appear and have a long tail.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies have a Victorian-like appearance. Although they appear dainty, they’re not afraid to get their paws dirty and are sometimes territorial. A group of Yorkshire puppy breeders Houston TX can explain that they have a short, black coat as newborns. Adults develop a blue and tan coat that is long and silky. Their body is small and compact.


The chihuahua is small dog who are loyal but also sassy. They are the most popular dog breed in Mexico and are recognizable by their short snout and long ears. Their independence can make them difficult for their owners to train, but they’re also responsive and able to move quickly. Their coat is typically a white or tan color.


This animated, lively Nordic breed is most famous for their extravagant cream-colored outer coat. They have a vivacious personality and cheerful expression. People looking for a dog that is outgoing should consider the Pomeranian. They’re also protective of their owners and are comfortable around colder environments.

These are four dog breeds you should strongly consider. The Dachshund and Yorkshire Terrier are great choices for people looking for a gentle, compassionate companion. For others who prefer a fierce and loyal personality, they could consider either the Pomeranian or Chihuahua.