Finding Surplus Items to Use in Your Everyday Life at Home

The military manufactures some of the most durable clothing, cooking gear, and other wares for its soldiers. People who serve in the military often appreciate how practical and serviceable these items are. They miss them once they are discharged or retire from the service.

When the military no longer uses or stops making items, all four branches are permitted to liquidate them through military surplus retailers. You can shop for these discontinued or outdated items at a military store online today.


MREs or Meals Ready to Eat are among the most popular military items that people want to buy. These freeze dried and vacuum sealed meals can be taken on camping trips. They also can be added to an emergency preparedness box in case your electricity goes out or you experience a natural disaster.

The MREs come in a variety of flavors including chicken a la king and pasta. They are easy to reconstitute and eat on the go. They also typically include snacks like cookies or gum.

An online military store will often have MREs for sale. You will know where to get them if or when you need them.

Cooking Wares

Military surplus stores also sell military-grade cooking supplies. These items range from stainless steel frying pans to coated bread and muffin tins. They also include metal trays and mugs that are used to serve up meals in the mess hall.

Like MREs, these wares are ideal to take on camping trips. They do not break if you drop them. They also are easy to clean out in the field.


Military surplus stores also offer linens like blankets and sheets. These linens are not as soft as those sold in big box stores. However, they are durable enough to tolerate being used out in the field. They avoid soaking up mud and water like other linens.

You can find these and other military-grade supplies online. They are idea for using for a variety of purposes including camping or preparing for a natural disaster like an earthquake.