Everything You Should Know About Boerboel Dog for Sale

South African Mastiff or Boerboel is one of the most powerful dog breeds that can help you guard your household with ease. Back in the day, farmers used them to protect their cattle and territories against wild animals and other dangers.

Males are more significant and balanced than females. Generally, they have blocky heads, sturdy bone structure, short length, and highly developed muscles. If you wish to use it for your household, you can be at ease because they do not require plenty of maintenance.

Their coat is short, smooth, soft, and shiny, while they are loyal, charming, and intelligent. You’ll feel comfortable because they are great for households with children.

The main goal is to learn more about Boerboels after entering here, which will assist you decide the best course of action.

Remember that canine friends and dogs play essential roles in numerous households across the globe. They are loyal companions and the perfect addition to your family.

They can also help you improve health and reduce overall stress, which is vital to remember.

Apart from that, they can be your loyal friends and strong guards within your home. Since the need for additional protection increased in the last few years, the popularity of Boerboels increased as well.

When choosing a diet for Boerboels, they are not demanding as other breeds. Therefore, they will enjoy consuming regular dog food with premium ingredients and nutrients.

That way, you can prevent potential issues from happening. Still, it would be best to control weight levels and calorie consumption to avoid obesity and other problems.

Reasons to Get a Boerboel

  • Defensive Canines – Since they can be aggressive due to lack of training, you should do it from an early age. At the same time, they are perfect guards of your household and backyard. As a result, they will not allow intruders to enter your home with ease. That way, you will have a significant dog that will keep your family safe both night and day. For instance, people used them in South Africa to deal with baboons, leopards, and lions. Besides, they feature significant size and perfect agility and quickness. If you combine their skill with courage, you will be able to enjoy it all the way.
  • Intelligent and Perfect for Tracking – They can track people, which is why most households choose them as guard dogs. You can also use them as hunting companions for the reason that they will find a founded prey without consuming it in the process. We have mentioned above that training is essential for preventing potential aggressiveness. They are loyal, which makes them simple to train along the way. They will learn both tricks and tips that will help you ensure obedience and command training.

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  • Perfect Companions – Compared with other mastiffs, you should know that Boerboels are excellent with children, which is an essential consideration to remember. When you place them indoors, you can think of them as any other pet. Other mastiff breeds require a leash, and you should avoid other family members, while Boerboels are entirely different. Of course, they are marvelous protectors and can have bad temperaments and signs of aggression if you do not train and exercise them properly. However, you can relax as they will guard you and your territory with life.
  • Easy-Going and Playful – If you train them properly, they will be the gentlest members of your family. They are perfect house pets since they will not be aggressive to other members. Even if the need arises, they can share their foods, which is vital to remember. Generally, they can be lazy pets but also highly energetic pets.


Therefore, when they are in a mood, you will have to get outside with them and exercise them properly to ensure they lose energy before the end of a day. Since they are brilliant, they can quickly identify strangers and friends. You should check out more about owning a Boerboel puppy, which will offer you peace of mind.


  • Perfect Health – Some mastiffs feature numerous diseases and genetic predispositions for potential issues. However, the South African Mastiffs are different because they have an ideal weight and lack possible genetic predispositions to conditions and illnesses. They can live up to twelve years, which is a high number compared with other giant dogs.