Checklist For Buying High-Quality Cat Food

Picking cat food can be challenging, especially when one has never purchased it before. Giving the cat the right food assures it stays happy and healthy. The host of pet stores dealing with cat food and supplies in Saudi Arabia makes things overwhelming. It is always suggested that one must pick high-quality cat food based on the ingredients present and thereby help the pet to get all the nutrients and thrive.

Check the presence of meat protein

Cats require a meat-based protein diet to get hold of all the nutrients and grow. While purchasing cat food and supplies at pet stores, the pet parents must evaluate the ingredient list and check whether it contains meat like beef, chicken, turkey, tuna, etc. When one gets hold of a good quality cat food, it mentions any specific meat as the first ingredient and not just meat by-products, or poultry products. One way of assuring that a pet parent has grabbed a top-notch quality product is by checking the specific animal protein mentioned on the food label.

Assessing high-quality grains

Apart from the presence of a specific meat protein present in the cat food, one must also find out whether the food product contains high-quality grains. Grains like barley, corn, and wheat are important for cats to consume as they are rich in carbohydrates that give them the much-needed energy. When an ideal cat food is considered, there is a list of the top five ingredients that must be taken seriously.

1.      Specific meat protein

2.      Organs like lever

3.      Grains

4.      Plant matter

5.      Dairy products

The presence of contents like taurine and arachidonic acid

Taurine and arachidonic acid are two important contents that are vital for maintaining the optimal health of a cat. If the cat food is considered of top-notch quality, it must consist of arachidonic acid and taurine. The presence of two essential ingredients also confirms the presence of the required meat content in the cat food. If the label doesn’t feature arachidonic acid and taurine, it indicates the lack of an animal source of protein in it. While shopping for cat food and supplies in Saudi Arabia, one must avoid plant-based protein sources in the products.

Confirming the presence of minerals and vitamins

To maintain the optimal health of a cat, the pet parent must ensure that he/she buys foods and supplies rich in vitamins and minerals. One must look out for vitamins like Vitamin A, B, B12, and C in food, along with a significant percentage of folic acid. Minerals like sodium, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, etc., must be listed on the ingredients. The presence of such minerals helps cats with healthy bones, teeth, joints, and muscles.

Checking high-quality by-products

The majority of cat food consists of animal by-products. A high-quality product features liver, and lungs, which are healthy to consume by cats. Low-quality food supplies should be avoided as they contain by-products like fur and feathers of animals, and are not easily digestible. The cat food label must include a list of specific animal by-products that are nutritious and come with benefits.


While shopping at a pet store and buying cat food and supplies in Saudi Arabia, it is always recommended to check the list of ingredients mentioned on the labels. It is better to pick products with specific names of ingredients. Moreover, one should also check if the food has been certified by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).