An online pharmacy for pets is a great resource

An online pharmacy for pets is a great resource for any pet owner, whether you own a dog, cat, guinea pig, or other small animal or have a flock of sheep, herd of cows or some backyard chickens. An online pet pharmacy offers everything you may need for the day to day care of your pets and farm animals, from prescriptions for flea and tick treatments to nutritional food supplies and pet grooming products. Everything you need is available online, all day, every day, for delivery to your door.

Prescription Medicines

An online pet pharmacy can supply you with prescription medicines for the treatment of many common pet ailments such as fleas, ticks and worms. Prescription medicines such as Advantage, an effective flea treatment for your dog, cat or rabbit, is just one click away at your online pharmacy. Treatment such as Panacur and Drontal to assist in the eradication and prevention of worms are available in paste, granule and liquid suspension forms and in a range of pack sizes to suit the specific requirements of your pet. There are also many other products available to meet your pet’s treatment needs.

For farm animals, vaccinations for both systemic and pneumonic pasteurellosis in lambs and sheep are available in various dose sizes. For horses, foot treatments, parasite prevention and joint supplements are all available. For a beef and dairy herd of cows, well-known treatment brands are available such as Elanco for the treatment of scour, and Closamectin for the treatment of fluke, as well as treatments for many other conditions you may find on the farm.

Specialist Pet Foods

As well as supplying prescription medicines, online animal pharmacies also stock a very wide range of specialist pet foods. If your pet is overweight, there is special weight control food. For puppies and kittens who need a diet to help them grow healthy, strong bones, there are specially formulated food products packed with all the nutrients they need. And for animals reaching their senior years, there’s food rich in omega 3 to keep joints supple and coats shiny. So if you are looking for Hill’s, Royal Canin, Eukanuba or other brands recommended by your veterinary surgeon, you are sure to find them at an online pet pharmacy such as

If you need milk formula for your lambs or a tonic to boost your chickens, which may not be available on the high street, you will find them at your online pet pharmacy.

General Supplies

An online pet pharmacy can help with all the general items you will need over the lifetime of your pet. From the time you first bring your pet home, there are pet beds and grooming products, litter trays and food bowls needed. They may also need to be transported and so pet carriers and car crates and harnesses are an essential item for most pet owners. It’s also important to look after the health of your pet’s teeth, with dental chews and breath fresheners all available to suit your own pet’s particular needs. And let’s not forget that most pets develop with training and playtime, so you will need to have a plentiful supply of toys and training treats to keep them interested.

Convenience, Choice and Value

If you are not lucky enough to live near a pet superstore with its vast choice of pet products, which many of us don’t, an online pet pharmacy brings all that choice to your front door. You can take the time to select just the right item for your pet and have it delivered at a time to suit you. It also means that you can price compare products to ensure you are getting great value for money. So you can save time and money by shopping for your pet products all in one place.

Consult Your Vet

Pets are very precious and quickly become members of the family and so it is important that you always take the best care of your pet that you can. If your pet shows any signs of illness or distress or you are in any doubt whatsoever, it is very important that you consult your veterinary practice and have your pet examined if necessary to ensure that you get the best treatment available for your pet. Even if your animal just has fleas, it is essential to get the best possible advice and treatment programme in place to ensure the problem is treated before it becomes a much bigger issue for your beloved animal.