Pet Moving ServicesDogtainers Pet Transport take pride in offering a trusted, reliable, and cost-effective pet moving service for you and your pet. Anchoring: Once she had the prime of the netting secured, she could effortlessly straighten out the netting from the bottom of the fence line and anchor the netting into the ground with the anchor pins (about three pins spaced evenly among the 5-foot area among the t-posts).

My husband got a job transfer from Worcester, MA to Portland, OR. I knew that moving across the country was going to be stressful and challenging but I was largely concerned with moving our 8 pets (4 cats, 2 Chinchillas, 1 Guinea Pig, and 1 Gerbil).

Through the years, the vast experience she has gained as regards every single facet of the pet and animal shipping industry has afforded her the knowledge needed to oversee the relocation of a big and diverse selection of species, which includes zoo animals, domestic pets, analysis animals, exotics, snakes, horses, livestock, reptiles, birds, fish and much more.

Whether your move requires full service door to door pet shipping or is as basic as obtaining us assist you with booking your pets’ flights, our group is pleased to help you in selecting the particular pet transport alternative that functions greatest for you.

No, as they ought to have an expertise veterinarian on board too, who can examine the pet prior to you move it. He would also tell you if there are any unique wellness precautions that you want to take for the pet prior to it undertakes a extended journey.