Air Animal Pet Moving Organization

Pet Moving ServicesAll pets need to have a lot of consideration and careful handling, so specialized pet moving services are required when your animal buddies accompany you on your move. Our pet moving specialists are extremely well-versed in the complex, continually altering globe of pet shipping, keeping up-to-date with regulations set by airlines, government agencies, agriculture, wildlife and fisheries and sector bodies.

It is critical that exotic animals such as these be exported appropriately, due to the fact if the owner ever wants to move their pet once again, they will need to show the past documentation showing that the animal was legally brought into the country initially.

If your pet resides in Costa Rica and you want to take it out of the country, then you will want a Certificate of Very good Overall health from your veterinarian in Costa Rica and an export authorization issued by the Costa Rican Ministry of Agriculture.

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In addition to the above a clear copy of the airway bill and flight info ought to be faxed to the moving firm at least 72 hours prior to arrival of pet (this excludes holidays) so as to acquire prior permission from the Indian Customs and arrange for the government veterinary to be present at the air cargo complicated to confirm all relevant documents.