About Exotic Animals

Exotic PetsIt is typically claimed by animal rights group that exotic pets are unsafe, that they spread illness, encourage poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, that they are unsuitable for living in captivity, and a slew of other bullet points of ‘bad stuff’. Of course, dogs and cats are two species, and exotic pets incorporate hundreds of species, so it is correct that together, they type a larger illness threat compared to two species, as a greater quantity of exclusive vectors enhance the variation of pathogens.

While the country is in the midst of embracing previously illicit psychoactive drugs and successfully overturning unfair breed certain legislation in numerous regions, exotic pet owners stay predominantly hated by animal welfare/rights groups, government officials, and considerably of the general public whom are fed many unashamedly blatant lies by the Humane Society of the United States and well-liked animal sanctuaries like Huge Cat Rescue.

Note: To make this list a lot more intriguing I will only consist of less common or more ‘exciting’ pets, as a result no reptiles or common birds, although a lot of widespread birds typically do not obtain the care they need to in captivity, generating their pet good quality suspect.

Their curiosity is unparallelled with the other animals on this list, generating them, in my opinion, a quite fitting number a single harmful exotic pet (gorillas aren’t kept privately to my knowledge, and orangutans are uncommonly privately owned and seemingly significantly less harmful).

All these ridiculous laws are beginning to make me scared to personal my pets at all, even though, and it really is very upsetting that my well-behaved snakes are being banned and exotic owners like myself are becoming unnecessarily oppressed when dogs are killing so many individuals all the time.