5 Things to Know About Bernedoodle

Designer dogs such as Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog are on the rise, but there is a new happy-go-lucky crossbreed that is pawing its way up to popularity in this modern world. The Bernedoodle, also known as Bernadoodle, a designer breed combining the traits of their Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog parents, is as smart as adorable. These lovable fur babies are friendly and playful which makes them a great fit for any household. Before looking for the bernedoodle for sale it is better to know the below listed things about these snuggly furry cuties.

  • Bernedoodles come in different sizes

It is because of their Poodle parentage that Bernedoodles come in varied sizes. When searching for the bernedoodle for sale, a person can find the same breed weighing as little as 20 pounds (10-12 inches tall) while others might reach up to 90 pounds (22 inches tall). When needing help to choose the right-sized Bernedoodle for the home, it is recommended to check out their Poodle parent. Usually, a full-sized Bernedoodle (22 inches tall) is a crossbreed of a Standard Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. Similarly, smaller Bernedoodles (10-12 inches tall) have a miniature Poodle parentage. 

  • Bernedoodles are great for apartment living

Bernedoodle is known for adapting well to apartment living and other types of living environments. There is no greater roommate that this particular breed. But because of Poodle’s parentage, these fur babies require exercise and consistent activity so that they can remain active and happy. In addition to this, they also need plenty of affection and love from their favorite humans. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the individual to take them out for long walks or games to satisfy their appetite for activities. 

  • They rarely shed hair

If an individual dread getting dog hair all over their house or furniture, then Bernedoodle is the great choice for him. Although they have gorgeous, fluffy fur, their cost does not shed often unlike Poodle parents. The lack of shedding hair prevents one from contracting allergies. 

  • Bernoodles have a coat that comes in different colors

Usually, almost all Bernoodles come with a color combination of their parents- Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. Some common coat colors that a person can find Bernedoodles in are white, brown, and black. Also, there is an extremely rare breed having a beautiful tri-color mix that is the most sought after by pet owners. 

  • They make amazing therapy dogs

Oftentimes Bernedoodles are chosen and trained in such a way that they can become therapy dogs. Now that this particular breed is naturally social and always eager to please its owners, these are appropriate choices to have as therapy dogs.


Bernedoodles are a wonderful breed that can light up the life of a person. Now that they are very social dogs, they will require plenty of human attention and affection. When looking for a bernedoodle for sale, it is suggested to every puppy owner to consider their lifestyle, personality, and other factors before choosing a puppy.