5 of the most comfortable dog harnesses on the market

Instead of a collar or choke chain with lead attached, have you considered using a dog harness and lead? These have become very popular with dog owners for two good reasons. First, because these harnesses put pressure on the front of your dog’s chest rather than around their neck, so they are more comfortable. Second, because this pressure reminds your dog not to pull you off your feet!

Harnesses also make it easier to pick up little dogs and some styles have a loop that allows you to use the seat belt in your car to restrain them. However, always make sure that the harness fits your dog properly, being prepared to buy a larger size as they grow. 

Which dog harness will you select?

If you are interested in purchasing a harness for your furry friend, here are five of the best on the market.

  1. Pebblina reversible dog harness:  Our top pick for comfort and style are the Pebblina reversible harnesses, because they are so cute! Only designed for small to medium sized dogs, your furry friend will have no trouble strutting their stuff on their walk! Made from comfy, but durable and breathable mesh and neoprene, just pop these reversible harnesses in the wash and they are good to go! The reversible design also gives you two different options in one. 
  2. Petsafe Easy Walk No Pull Harness: Created by a veterinary behaviourist, this is one of the original harnesses on the market and is still going strong. Available in a large range of sizes and colours, it allows you to control light to moderate pulling with no choking or coughing. The sellers will even replace the harness if your dog chews it! 
  3. Kurgo Impact Dog Car Harness: With a lifetime warranty, the Kurgo harness is suitable for small, medium and large dogs and was designed to keep your dog safe in your car. So it’s a dog seat belt and harness in one! Eight years of engineering has gone into creating this crash tested harness for dogs up to 34 kilos (tested at a university testing facility). It’s tough, durable and great for dogs that like car rides and long walks!
  4. Ruffwear All-Day Harness: Designed to be worn all day by active dogs, this lightweight and tough harness is easy to get on and off and comfy to wear. It has two lease attachment points (chest and back) and has reinforced webbing that stands up to persistent pulling, whilst providing additional control. Reflective trims and great colour options make this a fabulous harness for very long walks. 
  5. Kurgo Journey Multi-Use Dog Harness: If your dog loves the outdoor life and is extremely active, this might be the harness for you. It has a V-neck that is padded for extra comfort with an all steel nesting buckle for rock climbing and a back handle for better control. A rugged construction with both back and front leach attachments, and a car restraint, makes this harness perfect for dogs that love life.

Wearing their ultra-smart dog harness, your pooch will have many awesome experiences on their daily walks, hikes or treks through the bush.