5 Great Pets for Children

One of the best ways for a child to learn responsibility is to care for a pet of their own. Besides, a pet can be a built-in friend for your son or daughter. Here are five types of animals that work well for school-age children.

1. Cats

Cuddling with a little kitten is a wonderful way to teach children to be soft and gentle. Do some research to find which breed of cat is most compatible with children. Remember, this new pet will become a full-size cat that will now become a member of the family.

2. Fish

Many children have a fish as their first pet. They are less work than a cat or a dog, so it is a great way to start learning to be responsible. Even young children can be taught how to feed their fish each day and help to regularly change the water.

3. Dogs

Who can resist a cuddly puppy? You can choose a type of dog that will be great around your son by talking to your veterinarian. Dogs that are allergy-friendly can be ordered through puppy shipping Castle Rock CO. These breeders specialize in matching your family with the ideal dog for you. Dogs live much longer than fish, so this furry friend will grow up with your son.

4. Reptiles or Amphibians

Low-maintenance pets include turtles, tortoises, snakes, lizards, frogs and salamanders. They aren’t furry and cuddly but can be really fun to watch and to hold. Be sure to teach your child the importance of handwashing after holding their pet.

5. Rodents

Guinea pigs, white mice, hamsters and gerbils can be friendly if they are held regularly. Your daughter may love having this fuzzy pet that stays small and lives in a cage — it could even stay in her room.

Let your child help to choose the new pet and that will begin the cycle of responsibility. Have fun!