4 Unexpected Costs of Owning a Dog

Having a dog as your pet is a wonderful addition to your family life. There are many benefits to owning a dog, like companionship, but having one at home can help teach young children responsibility. Before you hurry off to bring home a puppy or visit an animal shelter, you do need to make sure your budget can handle the additional financial responsibility. Here are four (maybe unexpected) costs to plan for when you bring home your new furry friend.

Veterinarian Bills

Throughout your dog’s lifetime, you will find yourself at the vet’s office for a variety of reasons and unfortunate dog related ailments. They can pick up illnesses from bugs and “people food,” receive an injury in the backyard, or need emergency care very suddenly, just like a human. Make sure you are ready for a sudden trip to the vet’s office at any time.


Depending on the breed of puppy you want, you may need to budget for occasion pet grooming Spring TX. Long haired or curly haired dogs require more grooming than short haired friends, but all dogs need their nails trimmed, which can be a difficult task depending on the stubbornness of your pup.

Boarding or Pet Sitting

Most hotels and resorts do not allow pets, it is frustrating to fly with dogs that do not fit under the seat, and you cannot leave the country with your dog without it being quarantined. In other words, make sure you remember to budget for a boarding facility or pet sitter when you are planning your next vacation.

Home Cleaning and Repairs

Although you may think your dog understands you, you need to remember it is still an animal; this means accidents will happen. At some point, you may need a professional carpet cleaning service or a day shopping for new fence posts.

The costs of owning and loving a dog can quickly add up, but it’s all worth it for a family friend that wants to give everyone unconditional love.