3 Signs Your Dog Needs Training

No matter how much you love your little puppy, they are not perfect. Dogs can have little annoying things about them, but sometimes those annoyances become much worse and are a sign that your furry friend needs some dog training Denver CO.

1. Doesn’t Understand Commands

Sit, lie down and stay are all basic commands that most dogs know and need to know. Those commands are there to keep your dog safe when needed. Are you constantly yelling at your dog to “come” and they look at you like you are crazy and continue on their business?  Sometimes that is funny but other times you really need them to come. If your dog doesn’t understand basic commands it’s time to pull out the treats and start some training. 

2. Aggressive Behaviors Towards People

An aggressive dog can be very dangerous because their personality can be unpredictable. The last thing you want is your dog to bite someone and potentially have to get rid of your pet. Professional dog training is needed for you and your pup. A trainer can help you to learn your dog’s warning signs and when it is time to give them some space.

3. Leash Pulling

A walk is never fun when you are practically pulled around the block. Dogs get excited to get out and explore, but they also need to be taught manners. It is not polite to pull and chase the whole time on a walk. A trainer can use treats and praise to teach a dog to walk next to you instead of running up ahead. 

Dogs are very smart and can learn almost anything you want to teach them. Don’t accept bad behaviors that are causing major problems. It will be better for you and your dog to get the help of a trainer.